Our Vision & Mission

 Our Vision & Mission



Spiritually enlightened

Intellectually empowered

And socially committed generation

Upholding India's age old culture and traditional values.....

                   OUR VISION

When we have passed beyond knowing,then we shall have Knowledge.Reason was the helper:Reason is the bar.When we have passed beyond willings,then we shall have Power. Effort was the helper;Effort is the bar.When we have passed beyond enjoyings,then we shall have Bliss.Desire was the helper;Desire is thebar.Whenwe have passed beyond individualising,then we shall be real Persons. Ego was the helper;Ego is the bar.When we have passed beyond humanity,then we shall be the Man. The Animal was the helper;the Animal is the bar. Transform reason into ordered intuition;let all thyself be light.This is thy goal.Transform effort into an easy and sovereign overflowing of the soul-strength;let all thyself be conscious force.This is thy goal.Transform enjoying into an even and objectless ecstasy;let all thyself be bliss.This is thy goal.Transform the divided individual into the word-personality;let all thyself be the divine .This is thy goal.Transform the Animal into the Driver of the herds;let all thyself be Krishna.This is thy goal.


The CBSE granted affiliation for the senior secondary section and the school commences +1 in the academic year 2009-10 which will offer science and commerce streams.

At the play school and kindergarten level we give importance to 'naithika Shikshan.' Modern educational technology-based facilities are inducted and learning skills are imparted through activities. Tiny tots are given the best physical care along with warm affection by devoted and trained teachers who had undergone Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan training.



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