• To recognize the individual’s talents of all kinds and degrees and to develop this intellectual, physical and creative capacity.

  • To ensure that the curriculum serves the individual’s needs.

  • To develop a curriculum which is flexible enough to respond to the sensible needs of the students at different ages and stages.

  • To recognize the legitimate demands of the society as a whole with respect to adequate numeracy, literacy and other fundamental skills relating to the process of communication; oral, written and visual.

  • To enable students to acquire the required education relating to the necessity to earn a living and, when appropriate, to enter into skilled occupations and professions.

  • To seek to measure the extent to which an individual is being successful in making the maximum use of natural gifts and opportunities.

  • To be rigorously selective in the material presented to students; bearing in mind the above aims and having particular regard to the following aims:

    • The instilling of an attitude to learning that shows it to be a life process.

    • The stimulation of intellectual curiosity

    • The direction and exercising of the emotions

    • The development of the art of learning

    • The fostering of a capacity to tackle unfamiliar problems

  • To accept responsibility for identifying the physical, aesthetic, creative, emotional and social needs of each individual students as a necessary starting point to satisfy the needs

  • To maintain the school as a caring community emphasizing the central importance of good human relationships based upon sensitivity, tolerance, good will and a sense of humor.

  • To promote the understanding pf the fact that the individual and the community have reciprocal responsibility and that the individual needs must at times be secondary to the greater need of a large group; that collaboration and co-operation are a two way activity.

  • To foster habits of responsibility, self-discipline, initiative, endeavor, and individual judgment.

  • To obtain a positive response to the needs of a changing society while emphasizing established fundamental values and standards.

  • To promote the idea that the school is the servant of the community in both local and national terms and to accept the responsibilities which flow from this understanding.

The CBSE granted affiliation for the senior secondary section and the school commences +1 in the academic year 2009-10 which will offer science and commerce streams.

At the play school and kindergarten level we give importance to 'naithika Shikshan.' Modern educational technology-based facilities are inducted and learning skills are imparted through activities. Tiny tots are given the best physical care along with warm affection by devoted and trained teachers who had undergone Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan training.



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